Saturday, November 15, 2014

Lots Of Riding And A New Adventure On The Horizon...

 I am now just over 4 months post surgery and things are going well. I still have days where it doesn't feel great, but for the most part I'm feeling a bit more normal. I've been riding as much as I can, and I am really enjoying my new mountain bike.
 I like it so much I've decided to sell my Ti Lynskey. $3000.00 if you know anyone interested.

 My sister in law Alex started riding 5 or 6 years ago and has done several rides in the French Alps and Pyrenees. One such ride is the Etape du Tour.  This year I am joining here in France for the Etape, plus the tour package with Alpine Cadence. I am super excited about this trip, it should be an awesome adventure. To think we will be riding the most famous climbs of the Tour de France, come of them before the tour itself comes through.

 The only thing I need to do now is get in shape so I can enjoy the ride instead of just suffering through.


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Back Ridin and Back to Work, But Still a Ways to Go

  I am A Free Man. Well, not really, but I no longer have to go to PT and the doctor released me and I am back to work. But most important is, I am back on the bike, even the mountain bike. I still have a lot of work to do to get back to 100%, but I am able to do most of the things I love. Still no climbing, that is another 6 weeks away, but I will get there.

 I finally got to take my new mountain bike our for a ride. So far so good. I have to say Carbon is sweet, I haven't had something that stiff since I was 18. Looking forward to plenty of multi park rides as soon as my fitness shows itself again.

  Lauri and I have also been making progress on our Mason Dixon Trail project. We had one horrible stretch, poorly marked and over grown, but we got through it. Our last section was my favorite so far. It took us from Havre de Grace to the Coniwingo dam, and most of it was trail through the Susquehanna State Park. We are now 78.5 miles into the 196 mile long trail. Our hikes will be harder to come by with me back to work,  but we will make it happen. It is all new territory from here so it should be fun.


Friday, September 12, 2014

Progress, And, A Little Project...

 I am now in my 11TH week after surgery. PT is going very well, so well, That I was cleared to start riding again. I've been on the bike a handful of times, and at the moment I have to keep it under 2 hours, otherwise my shoulder bothers me. I'll take it though. I am hoping to return to work before the end of the month. I will know that after my  next doctor visit, fingers crossed.

 While I was waiting to start riding, I decided to take on a little project. I even convinced Lauri to join me. The plan is to section hike the Mason Dixon Trail.
We started with A BANG, but it wasn't our best idea. We were a bit ambitious, and did 18 miles on day 1.
A lot of that was roads, and in an area we know. We both came away with sore feet, and blisters. After that we scaled things back, at least while we are still local. We've been doing 8-10 miles each time out.
We are now just over 40 miles into the 196 mile trail. We don't have a time line, but it would be nice to be done before winter. We have also found lots of nice trails neither of us knew about.
The Delaware PA, Arc corner
We are both looking forward to the next day out. It's going to be a longer day, 12ish miles, but most of that is trail through the Elk Neck State Forest.

 I will try to keep our journey updated.


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Steady Progress...

 I am now 2 weeks into PT and almost 8 weeks post surgery. PT is hard, but going well. I have made significant progress so far, but my therapist warned me that I will hit a wall at some point that I will have to work through. He also told me I am in "the gray area" where my shoulder is moving and feeling better, and I my try and do and lift more, of course that would be a bad idea. I see what he means, and it is tough to hold back after so many weeks of doing nothing. I have also felt the bite of over doing it. I went into Friday's session feeling tired and in a bit more pain than I had been. Surprisingly, I still showed positive progress. He told me to take it easy the rest of the day, which I did, and I feel a lot better today.

 I am still a few weeks from being able to ride. I was told 10-12 weeks after surgery. I have spent some limited time on the trainer, but mostly have been sticking to hiking and walking. But, that has hit a snag as well. I was doing a nice hike with Lauri, when I tweaked my knee, yes that knee. I still went out the next couple of days and hiked, and it was after that that it started to bother me. I took a day off, then did an easy walk and still had pain. Later that day I tried to loosen it up by spinning on the trainer, and that didn't help either. I think my main problem is that I hadn't been able to stretch since I broke my collar bone, something I had been doing since my knee rehab started. So, I stretched as best I could, iced, and took it easy. Knee felt better, then I went for a nice hike with Lauri yesterday, and shortly into the hike the pain came pack. So I stretched, iced and will take a few days off hoping to get back to normal. I know it is just a mild strain,  not part of my ACL surgery. I just don't want to get cleared ride, and not be able to. So now my activity level is shoulder rehab and stretching, hopefully not for too long.


Monday, August 11, 2014

Finally Feel Like I Am Moving Forward....

 So, it has been 6 weeks since shoulder surgery and I have been able to lose the sling, which, after 48 days, it was a big relief. I am also able to use my right arm,  but it is very limited. I still can't shave or reach up for stuff, but there has been progress. Today was the start of physical therapy, which was also my easiest session. Re-habbing  my knee was cake compared to what I am in for the next couple months, but I am ready for the challenge and to get back to doing the things I love. I still have to be very patient and not do too much, easier said than done.

 I am hoping to be able to ride outside in a couple weeks, but I will leave that decision up to the therapist. In the mean time I will continue hiking and walking, or, I might even hop on the trainer despite my aversion to it. I am even anxious to get back to work, the boredom of being home all the time really sucks. Although the dogs are quite happy to have me home.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Two Weeks Post Op...

 I am now just over two weeks post surgery. I had my first post surgery doctor visit and found out more details about my surgery. The first thing the doctor did was repair my fractured clavicle. He put the plate on the front but slightly under so it should not bother me in the future. He knows I do a lot of activities where I wear a back pack.

 He then went into my shoulder. I had 3 different procedures done. I had a severe Bankart Lesion, one of the worst he had seen. When my Labrum tore it took some bone fragments with it, this means that I have a slightly higher chance for a repeat dislocation than most people after this surgery. When he repaired my labrum he stretched a little farther than it was originally, this will give me more stability in the joint. Apparently I have strong ligaments so he is confident I will be fine once everything is healed.

 Next in the shoulder was a minor repair to my rotator cuff, which had a partial tear, this was pretty routine.

 Last but not least he had to repair my torn bicep tendon. This procedure is called bicep tendonesis. It was also routine. I did watch a video of this procedure, which was neat, and also showed me why this whole operation is so painful. Don't click on the video link if you get squeamish.

 The bottom line is, I am in a sling for 3 more weeks, then I will start physical therapy. It is my understanding that the first couple of weeks of PT are brutal, can't wait. I am also off work for at least 6 more weeks, maybe longer, depends on how PT goes. My plan is the same plan I followed with my knee, do what the doctor and therapist says and try to be patient. I recovered very quickly from knee surgery, so I am optimistic I will do the same with my shoulder.


Friday, July 04, 2014

Made it Through Surgery, Now to Get Better...

  So my shoulder surgery was scheduled for July 15. That changed when I broke my collar bone. The only way to make things work with my job and my disability pay, was to move my surgery date up and include fixing my collar bone. This was not ideal medically, but it was my best option. So my surgery was Monday afternoon. Everything went well. In fact there was less damage than he expected. Originally the plan was fix my rotator cuff, do the Bankart repair to my torn labrum, and fix a possible torn bicep tendon. In the end my rotator cuff was ok, but my bicep tendon was torn and had to be re-attached. I also now have a nice Ti plate and 6 screws holding my clavicle together.

  So now I am in a sling for 4 weeks, only able to sleep in a recliner, and bored  out of my mind. I will not be able to ride outside for 3 months and no climbing for 4-6 months, but after this heals I hope to put this year behind me and get back to doing the things I love worry free for the first time in years.

  In the mean time, I will take walks and hope to start on a stationary bike in a few weeks.